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Optira Services

Optira has catered it’s services to many clients and industries. Whether your project calls for laser scanning only or a complete as-built BIM, we have you covered. Our team is trained in many disciplines and software titles so multiple deliverable formats are available.



Civil & Engineering

3D Laser Scanning

For any project, it makes sense to deploy the right tool for the job. When as-built, detail, or engineering surveys are required, High-Definition As-Built Documentation (HDAD) is the way to go. And when evaluating HDAD solutions, it also makes sense to partner with a company that is not only the innovation leader, but the industry leader – setting new standards for the way work is done.

Rosenblatt Stadium

Urban Outfitters HQ
St Elizabeth's Hospital
St Elizabeth’s Hospital

The nature of 3D scanning has inherent benefits. A 3D laser scanner can measure thousands of points a second in a 360×270 degree window. This quickly creates a very accurate 3D image of the space being scanned. Should you later on need an elevation or ceiling plan of a room, you only need to revisit the point cloud and not the building that may be hundreds of miles away. Worksite safety is also a key consideration. Scanning can collect data in areas that contain harmful materials, such as Asbestos, without disturbing them, areas that are out of reach, or areas that are structurally unsound without risk to the field crew or other site personnel.

3D / 4D Post Processing

The inherent completeness of 3D point clouds represents one of their major advantages over other sources of geometric information. The information contained in 3D point clouds is transformed into a multitude of different products utilizing state of the art post processing software. These products are used by a variety of engineering professionals.

Petroleum Plant

New Bern Federal Courthouse

San Bernardino Courthouse

Optira leverages a variety of software applications to process 3D point clouds. The management of point cloud data is one of the keys to a successful project. One of the more widely utilized software products in the industry today is Cyclone. Developed by Leica Geosystems HDS, Cyclone software modules offer with the the widest set of work process options for 3D laser scanning projects in engineering, surveying, construction and related applications.

Virtual Simulation

Conducting construction simulations such as virtual feasibility studies, interference detection, or construction analysis offer many advantages to today’s engineering professionals. By visualizing the entire project from beginning to end, you can pinpoint and troubleshoot construction planning issues, pinch points, or potential building conflicts before they are an issue and provide the entire team a clear understanding of the project goals and expectations.

MEP & Structure

Navisworks Model

Navisworks Clash Report

Consulting and Training

Optira’s consulting and training services help to shorten the return on investment cycle time. This is achieved by empowering your employees to practice the most efficient methods available utilizing today’s technology.

Optira’s Project Managers are well versed in the fields of data collection and post processing. Optira’s goal is to help a wide variety of engineering and technical professionals embrace laser scanning and utilize this technology to its full potential.

The benefits of 3D laser scanning are more evident today than ever. With tightening budgets and deadlines, a strong emphasis on accuracy and efficiency is vital in every step of the construction process to achieve the desired results. Solid quality control measures and error reporting are incorporated into our processes using cutting edge software routines. The ability to understand, manage, and teach these techniques will provide your company with a decreased learning curve and increased levels of efficiency.