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Project Images:

Background & Objective:

Built in 1892, the exterior granite and terracotta façade of this four story building had deteriorated to such an extent as to necessitate extensive renovation. To obtain the most information in the most expedient, economical manner, the GSA determined to utilize 3D Imaging services. In 2006, Optira was engaged to provide highly detailed as-is condition documentation of the building to facilitate the restoration work being done by architects and contractors. In the middle of a New York winter Optira used three different types of laser scanning systems to create a dense point cloud from which were generated highly detailed and accurate AutoCAD drawings of the intricate façade. Some of the detail scans were obtained from distances up to 600 feet from the side of the building with demonstrable accuracies of better than 1⁄4 inch.

The Optira Advantage:

Optira’s timely delivery of highly detailed drawings saved the GSA’s architects and contractors hundreds of thousands of dollars during the design and construction process by eliminating scaffolding and assuring that all areas for renovation were properly and accurately documented.

In addition, the GSA relied upon Optira to provide the template and standards for future service providers to work with the GSA. Optira’s project planning and execution methodology strongly influenced the development of the General Service Administration (GSA)’s BIM Guide for 3D.


  • Fully registered point cloud
  • 3D AutoCAD models of the exterior façade
  • 2D AutoCAD elevations
  • Sections of walls and returns
  • Quality Assurance Plan and Report
  • Detailed Scan Plan and Post-Processing Plan